Corporate Responsibility

Our Not-So-Corporate Responsibility.

We believe corporations not only have the responsibility to put more good into this world but the opportunity to do so. However, many of them don’t.

We feel it’s our purpose to do our bit!

While we are a corporation, we don’t feel we fit the stereotypical mould of the corporate way. So, here’s our not-so-corporate responsibility act – how we give back and plan to create a better future with our resources and impact.

Creating More Jobs

The world not only needs more jobs, but it needs good jobs. That’s why at Blue Piranha, we’re all about dismantling the traditional “toxic” work environment and creating a place of growth, opportunity, and balance for our team.

Sponsorship and Charity Work

Making a difference in the world starts with your community. That’s why we make it our goal to participate in and contribute to organisations both in our local community of Southampton and across the UK every chance we get.

Good Business Charter

Blue Piranha are members of the Good Business Charter. To earn this badge, businesses must provide and promote:

  • Sustainable, on-time wages
  • Fair working hours
  • Positive employee well-being
  • A representative, diverse and inclusive environment
  • Eco-friendly efforts
  • Fair taxes
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Ethical standards