Mens and Womens summer Hospitlaity uniform. Short Sleeve Shirt and Bib Arpons.

As Summer begins and the temperature rises, you feel that you should have a spring in your step and increased energy; instead, you’re feeling hot and sticky, and even walking around in the heat can feel exhausting.

Whether an office worker wearing corporate clothing, a healthcare worker donning tunics or scrubs, or service sector staff wearing trousers, shirts, and aprons; preparing your uniform for the Summer can ensure being cool and comfortable throughout the day, and make a massive difference in your overall wellbeing.  Lighter clothing really does equal a brighter mood.

Making some simple changes to your staff uniform, will have you ready to breeze through the warmer months whilst still maintaining a professional look;

Choosing the Right Fabric for Summer

By selecting lightweight clothing made from breathable fabrics, such as linen, cotton, or moisture-wicking materials, you allow air to circulate which prevents excessive heat and sweat builup.

Whatever sector you work in, many of the market leading uniform manufacturers have added lighter-weight garments to their ranges which provide the same look but with a more breathable feel suitable for the Summer months; from Hi-Vis Industrial Workwear, Leisurewear, or Corporate Hospitality there are so many lightweight garments available.

Opt for Lighter Colours

Dark coloured uniforms may look professional, but they tend to adsorb more heat which isn’t ideal for the summer months. In contrast, lighter colours reflect sunlight and keep you cooler. By making a switch to uniforms that are in lighter shades, not only will you feel more comfortable, but you’ll also give off a refreshing summer look.

Fabrics appear darker when they get wet, so steering clear of bright colours might be a good ideal; no one want to be remembered by the hot pink uniform with dark sweat stains!!

Different Types of Layers

We all know that the British Summertime can be prone to unexpected cold spells and rain, so layering your workwear is a great idea.  Planning your wardrobe and layering the right clothing ensures you can keep you cool outdoors (or warm enough if working inside where there’s air conditioning), dry, and comfortable all day long. Consider swapping out the heavier winter layers for a lighter weight shirt or T-shirt, adding a lightweight sweater in cotton, and a breathable showerproof jacket.  A gilet over a longer sleeve T works well to keep you warm on those cooler summer days.

Consider Swapping Long for Short

Whilst covering up your arms and legs will provide more protection against the sun which is important for certain job roles, shorts and short-sleeved or sleeveless shirts allow better airflow and release more internal body head.

Long trousers can be swapped for a pair of cargo shorts that are still heavy duty whilst giving you ventilation in order to stay cool. You can also swap long sleeved shirts for a shorter polo style that will protect the back of the neck from the sun.

Accessories are a Great Idea

Accessories can play a significant role in protecting your team members from the sun and providing additional comfort. Consider providing hats or caps made from breathable and lightweight materials to shield your team from direct sunlight. These accessories not only offer protection but also add a professional touch to the overall uniform appearance. These can also be fully customised with your logo making sure that your staff still look professional and on brand.

Maintaining a Professional Look

Taking a little time now and planning for warmer weather will ensure that your staff continue to look their best this Summer. Encourage your staff to share their ideas regarding their Summer uniform; actively listening to their suggestions and making necessary adjustments demonstrate your commitment to their well-being and comfort.

So, take a look at your uniform and think of implementing some of these tips. With the help of Blue Piranha, you can easily adapt your uniform. Whatever changes you decide to make, enjoy the Summer!

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