A man wearing a smart, heated jacket for work as water splashes him

Despite this winter being one of the mildest since records began, there is nothing worse than working in the cold, whether you’re operating outdoors or arriving at a chilly office.

For those of you that think there’s a legal minimum temperature that, if not met, means we can ditch our daily duties and go home, you’re sadly mistaken. We’ve been there too, wishing we had a hot water bottle under our desk and a pair of slippers to hand to help us warm up by a few degrees…

If you have a workforce of cold and grumpy employees, investing in warmer workwear will help to keep them happy and a lot more productive.

Winter workwear encompasses a vast range of cold weather clothing and accessories that prioritise warmth and practicality throughout the working day; layering is one of the most important things to consider when choosing uniforms and workwear in this instance.

A man sites in a locker room in his workwear, next to a hard hat

To understand the layering of clothing, you need to know the function of each layer:

  • Base Layer – This is the underwear layer that wicks sweat off your skin and allows you to stay cool when hot, and when it’s cold, this layer will keep you warm and dry.

    A good quality base layer can lock in heat whilst keeping your skin dry, ensuring comfort and warmth. Depending on your job and unique needs, there are base layers suitable for a day in the office, to a long shift outdoors in cold temperatures. Tops, bottoms and socks can all act as a second skin and sit comfortably under your uniform to help keep you cosy and comfy throughout a working period.
  • Middle Layer; Insulation – Layering up with additional garments over the base layer retains body heat and provides added warmth. Usually, layers will start from thinnest to thickest and tightest to loosest.
  • Outer Layer – Your outerwear shields you from the elements and would be typically waterproof and breathable for all conditions.
A man and woman wearing smart work clothing

Even if you don’t end up wearing all three layers, it’s always a good idea to be prepared; that way, you can peel layers off if you heat up, rather than wishing you had something warmer to wear.

With literally thousands of garments to choose from, Blue Piranha can source the perfect winter wardrobe for you, including everything from those essential base layers and cosy knits, to waterproof and even heated jackets to keep your staff toasty and motivated in winter.

At Blue Piranha, we provide workwear for employees working within extreme conditions within industry and trades positions. Our experience will put together a functional wardrobe for each team member fit for each role which will tick the right boxes, from extreme heat to harsh cold. Look after your workers, with high-quality workwear and uniforms recommended by experts – start your uniform order.