Green jumpers made from sustainable fibres.

Across the world, businesses and consumers purchase 80 billion new pieces of clothing each year.

However, the stats paint us a bigger picture and problem:

87% of the materials used to make clothing end up in landfills and incinerators.

Fashion ranks as the second most polluting industry in the world; the fashion industry accounts for 20% of the world’s freshwater pollution and 10% of carbon emissions.

But what can we do? What can your business do? Clothing is a necessity — yet the industry is hurting our environment, communities, and futures.

By seeking sustainable workwear, you and your business can join the fight to make a difference.

Importance of Green Workwear in the Fight Against Modern Slavery & Environmental Welfare

There’s a reason green workwear is taking the workplace by storm.

Green workwear is one of our greatest defences against fast fashion. “Fast fashion” is the practice of mass-producing clothing at a low cost, often using unethical methods.

Beyond pollution, fast fashion companies propel the problem of modern slavery. It has been reported that of 27.6 million individuals in forced labour, 17.3 million people are exploited for their labour by businesses in the private sector. These companies aren’t truly creating jobs or supporting families. Some facts:

  • Less than 2% of garment workers actually earn a living wage.
  • Most of all? 12% of all forced labour workers are children.

Sustainable workwear faces this problem head-on. At Blue Piranha, we are working to take in the bigger picture, empowering human rights, animal welfare, and the future of our planet through careful, committed strategies.

How We’re Making a Difference in Providing Sustainable Workwear

Investing in the sustainability and ethics of your business offers endless rewards to you, your team, and your clients. There’s nothing more sustaining than sustainability.

But how can you find a green workwear supplier that’s truly ethical and eco-friendly? At Blue Piranha, we’re committed to providing honest solutions through traceability, powerful initiatives, and ongoing education:

1. Traceability of Sustainable Workwear

A.K.A. — How it gets from Point A to Point B.

Sustainable materials are just one part of the green workwear equation.

At Blue Piranha, we scrutinise every step of the product life cycle, from manufacturing and production to shipment and use.

We hold ourselves and our partners to zero-tolerance standards against modern slave labour and lowering carbon emissions. When working with suppliers and manufacturers, we require a certification of fair and ethical production in labour conditions and practices.

We’ve chosen DPD as our courier for our sustainable workwear. As of 2023, they’ve completed 8,571,512 green deliveries.

2. Powerful Initiatives for a Green Workplace & Green Workwear

A sustainable company commits to the cause through its products, processes, and partners.

At Blue Piranha, we’re dedicating 2023 to embracing sustainability within our team and community:

  • Recycling: We’re operating a garment recycling scheme with a partner set to launch later this year.
  • Cycle-to-Work: We reward our team members for their efforts by subscribing to a cycle-to-work scheme.
  • Saying No to Single-Use Plastic: When garments are customised, it is the industry norm to rebag individual garments using new single-use plastic packaging. At Blue Piranha, we say no to this practice unless the original packaging can be reused. Garments are provided ready to wear.

3. Ongoing Education to Support Sustainable Workwear

Sustainability doesn’t end after the purchase.

At Blue Piranha, we consider the whole product lifecycle, including how our green workwear is worn, looked after, and disposed of.

On average, 360,000 tonnes of clothes are thrown away annually in the UK. To combat this, our recycling initiative will educate and empower our clients so that 99% of the garments collected will be recycled.

Find Sustainable Workwear for Your Team with Blue Piranha

Show your team and clients how much you care by partnering with an organisation committed to making business sustainable and successful — not just today but in the years to come.

For 15 years, we’ve helped UK businesses show up to impress. Today, let’s impress and inspire.

Learn more about how you can partner with our team at Blue Piranha and create custom, sustainable workwear for your organisation today.

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